Amplificador cabezal TAURUS QUBE-450 silver line para bajo

Mini cabezal amplificado TAURUS QUBE-450 Silver Line para bajo. 450 W (4 Ohm) / 300 W (8 Ohm), es el más pequeño y más ligero de su gama de amplificadores de Taurus.


Fuente de alimentación y amplificador de potencia clase D en conjunto con el clásico preamplificador analógico proporciona una gran eficiencia en potencia, selectividad dinámica y sonido. Como todos los amplificadores de Taurus, el Qube - 450 es muy fácil de manejar. El control de ecualización del sistema con el que el Qube está equipado, logra el sonido medido de forma fácil e intuitiva, utilizando sólo el pote de graves y agudos. Esto simplifica mucho la busqueda del color en el sonido.



The “MLO” (Mid Level Optimization) is Taurus proprietary system allowing for an easy, intuitive and extremely comfortable optimization of the overall sound of the bass guitar.

The MLO System provides all new possibilities. It ensures most accurate proportion of medium frequencies in accordance of your manual settings of bass and trebles. This very intuitive and logical system supports musician's choice for most desirable sound.

In addition, the MLO equalizer ensures virtually no change in overall volume while changing the bass frequencies. Unlike most of the standard amps, adjusting bass frequency the musician notices change of the sound not the volume.



Turn on Taurus’s DBS system when a deep bass sound with greater bottom end is needed. The DBS system is designed to increase low bottom while preserving very clear and dynamic sound, this also protects speakers against fluttering when very low frequencies are applied.



By using two potentiometers MIX and GAIN, you will conjure sound which can be produced only by real tube amplifier : Warm murmur, tube compression, as well as VINTAGE DRIVE. The MIX knob is a balance of Solid State and Tube pre-amp. The GAIN is used to achieve compression and overdrive of the amp's tube section,which is identical to the real classic tube amplifiers.

For example:

Gentle tube sound without compression.Light compression and characteristic tube murmur.Deep tube DRIVE



The COMPRESSOR/ LIMITTER used in Taurus's amplifiers is based on OPTOCUPLER high quality parts. This passive, virtually noiseless optical system will not alter your original sound by any means (no ham or distortion ). It is designed to give a wide range of compression effects, from a very soft sound of the Limiter up to the deepest possible compressed sound.The sound always remaines highly selective, clear and punchy, even at its maximum compression.

TRUE VOICE line out

All Silver Line Amps feature "True Voice" output. This particular feature allows for sending your instrument's sound directly to the mixing board through the LINE-POST-EQ output. The sound sent to the mixing board has exact the same parameters as the sound you can hear through your speakers



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